“4 in 1” Oil for Clippers

Spray “4 in 1” action specially designed for delicate pieces of machinery and clippers: lubricating, refrigerant, regenerating and penetrating.


* excellent lubricant with this specific formula without silicon agents and specifically designed to give deep lubrication without greasing. * excellent refrigerant, after a few minutes, the heat caused by the movement of the steel cutting blades can give some skin reactions. By application to the surface of the blade, an immediate cooling effect is created. * excellent regenerant and penetrating oil, protects against rust spots.

Directions for use

Shake before use. Spray from a distance of around 25 centimeters until complete coverage of the tools. Spray before, during and after every use of tools (scissors, blades, clippers, pliers, …).
Warning: do not spray inside clippers and operating electrical appliances.
Do not use on animals.


Aérosol 300 ml

Dangerous – Respect the précautions of use.