Advices - Care of leather sofas

Care of leather sofas

Good leather care begins by understanding leather

To care properly for the leather upholstery of your car, your sofa or even your jacket, it is important to know a little more about the life of leather. Sapo, a specialist in leather care tells you more.

Like our skin, leather is a living material which has its own needs. It is essential to clean leather and to do so very regularly. There are other important things you need to do too, like moisturising and nourishing the leather in depth.

Originally, the animal’s skin is naturally impregnated with fat between the epidermis and the flesh, and with a natural waxy substance on the outside, called suint. In this way the animal is protected from bad weather and the leather keeps its natural suppleness.

After tanning, the animal skin is transformed into leather which is supple, firm and rot-proof. But over time, if the leather is not cared for, its fibres will dry out, harden and gradually lose their suppleness and strength.

To protect your leathers and ensure that they last, you need to keep them as supple as they first were. Sapo recommends that you should regularly do three things:

• Clean the leather
• Moisturise the leather
• Feed the leather

Whether this is your leather sofa, your riding gear, your leather shoes and garments, your leather car seats or your suitcases, Sapo products have been tested and approved for a very long time for making leather care very easy.

Effective leather care depends on cleaning and moisturising the leather.

The essential product for cleaning and moisturising leather is SAPO glycerine saddle soap.
You can buy this product in two forms:

• Solid glycerine saddle soap
• Liquid glycerine saddle soap in a spray

SAPO solid glycerine saddle soap is certainly the product most widely-used by horse-owners and the most economical.

To clean leather, you only need a sponge, a bucket, a little warm water – remember that heat improves the cleaning power – and of course saddle soap.

SAPO liquid glycerine saddle soap in a spray is even simpler to use:
You only need the spray and a rag. The spray makes it very easy to apply the saddle soap, so that treating large areas becomes child’s play. Simply spray the saddle soap on and rub in with a cleaning rag, using circular movements and turning the rag regularly. Do not scrub hard; repeat if necessary.

A Sapo tip: if you clean leather regularly with SAPO glycerine saddle soap you will find that dirt comes off more easily and is less abrasive.

One of the properties of SAPO glycerine saddle soap is that it moisturises the leather as it cleans.

And when leather is properly cleaned and moisturised, the pores of the skin open up. Additional leather care can then be undertaken. For example: nourishing the leather with SAPO grease, SAPO Prestige leather beauty cream or Sapo multi-leather conditioner.

Nourishing leather and protecting it

For leather to stay supple and beautiful, it needs to be nourished with oil or cream.

The great Sapo classics for leather care are: SAPO neat’s foot quality oil, SAPO Nutritive Cream, Sapo multi-leather conditioner and SAPO Prestige leather beauty cream.

Sapo Nutritive Cream for leather is the most-used and best-recognised leather grease not only in horse circles but also in connection with car upholstery, orthopaedic shoemaking, furniture, aviation and boating.

Sapo products are devised and adapted to different types of leather and their condition.

• SAPO neat’s foot quality oil is recommended for softening and nourishing new leather or poorly maintained leather as well as classic leather that has dried out and in need of restoration. This oil made by Sapo is widely used on tack, saddles, oiled leathers, old armchairs, car interiors and classic luggage.

• SAPO Prestige leather beauty cream is recommended for “upmarket” fine smooth leathers. This leather nutritive cream is smooth and colourless, containing carnauba wax to give shine to the patina of the leather. SAPO Prestige leather beauty cream is widely used in:
Furniture: sofas in grain or finest quality leather, leather armchairs, leather furniture.
Clothing: leather jackets, leather coats, leather trousers, gloves, shoes, boots.
Luggage and accessories: leather handbags, leather belts, etc.
Riding: riding saddles, bridles, reins, gloves, harness, horse tack.
Cars and motorbikes: new car upholstery, leather seats, biking gloves, motorbike leathers, leather trousers, leather boots, etc.
Sailing and flying: marine and aircraft upholstery.

• Sapo multi-leather conditioner is a formula combining lanoline, avocado oil and beeswax. It is recommended for smooth leathers: saddles, reins, harness, shoes, boots, clothing, gloves… This SAPO leather conditioner contains all the ingredients necessary for perfect leather care. It is also ideal for protecting and nourishing leather. It maintains its suppleness and keeps it resistant to tearing. This leather care is suitable for all smooth leathers.

• SAPO Nutritive Cream for leathers is recommended for dry, thick and hardened leathers, classic leathers, car upholstery in need of restoration, horse tack, saddles, saddle flaps, harness and accessories such as straps, girths, bridles, reins, harness… It is essential for anyone who has neglected their harness.

These SAPO formulae are designed to meet all your needs. The choice is yours!

You might prefer the richness of SAPO Prestige cream, a moderately oily nutritive cream for leather, to superfatting SAPO Nutritive Cream for the leather. Or you might choose Sapo multi-leather conditioner, scented with honey, containing lanoline and avocado oil!