Advices - Waterproofing garments

Waterproofing the SAPO way: your textiles will see the difference.

Sapo, the specialist in caring for leather and horse tack is also a specialist in waterproofing products for fabric and leather.

With its complete range of waterproofing protection from rain and renovating products, Sapo will make your textiles perfectly damp-resistant and stain proof!

Sapo products are the ideal formulae for your awnings, tents, sunshades, parasols, jackets, fleeces, coats, hats, bomber jackets, waxed garments, fabrics, leather, suede, nubucks and waterproof textiles with breathable membranes…

• For both waterproofing fabrics and waterproofing leather, this first formula enables you to make any type of cloth or leather, or clothing with breathable multi-fabric membranes, waterproof:

Sapo “2 in 1” WATERPROOFING aerosol

This Sapo product is revolutionary. It is as effective on leather of any type as on conventional fabrics or technical fabrics like Gore-Tex. This formula was specially designed for articles with an impermeable breathable membrane.

It re-waterproofs garments in leather, dry fabrics or Gore-Tex whether or not they have breathable membranes.

This fabric and leather waterproofing product has a water-repellent effect which lasts over time and guarantees strong waterproofing protection with breathability. It gives protection against water, dirt and grease, so reducing accidental stains. This Sapo product does not alter the look or the feel of the leather, Gore-Tex or fabrics treated. It also preserves the permeability of the leathers and of textiles lined with a breathable membrane.

This Sapo product is very easy to use. Spray the fabric and leather waterproofer evenly in thin coats from a distance of about 25 cm onto the material to be treated.

When the fabric is slightly damp with the product, leave it to dry without rubbing.

Precautions: Sapo advise you to check that the dye in the clothing is fast, by testing the fabric and leather waterproofer on an unobtrusive corner.

Items that can be treated: all indoor or outdoor textiles. Riding tack such as coats, windcheaters, motorcycle jackets, ski suits, fleeces, garments in smooth or fine leather like sheepskin and calf, leather shoes, suede shoes, blinds, parasols, sunshades, marquees, caravan awnings, tents, canvas, car seats, decorating fabrics, leathers with a velvety finish such as pork split, wool coats, hats, etc.

After the fabric and leather waterproofer, Sapo offers you two products designed to maintain and re-waterproof waxed garments.

When a waxed garment is made, the cotton is impregnated with oil.

Sapo advises you never to dry-clean waxed garments. Everyday care consists simply of sponging down generously with cold water.

From time to time it is necessary to maintain and re-waterproof your waxed garments and in particular if part of the garment has dried out or when the surface has been accidentally damaged. To do this, SAPO suggests you apply oil or grease to your waxed garment.


This Sapo oil aerosol is very simple to use and easy to apply.

How to use: shake before use and spray onto the garment sparingly from about 20-30 cm. Allow to dry in the air before wearing. Re-apply whenever the fabric begins to look dry. Never use this products on waterproof fabrics or leather. This Sapo product is intended only for waxed garments.


For ease of application, the solid grease should be warmed. This Sapo product has a more long-term effect than the aerosol.

How to use: For the best use of the product, store it at room temperature or even better warm it over hot water before use. Spread with a brush or polishing cloth. Using a hair dryer will help it penetrate the fabric. Allow to dry in the open air.

Sapo recommend you should never use this product on waterproof fabrics, it is solely intended for waxed garments.

• To offer you a complete range, in addition to its fabric and leather waterproofer, and its waxed garment waterproofer, Sapo has a third formula ideal for protecting and renovating oiled leathers and nubucks.


Before you wear oiled leather for the first time, you can waterproof it carefully and the colour will stabilise over time. The oiled treatment given to the leather in its finishing stage makes it look rich and authentic. Sapo advise you never to use grease on an oiled leather!

This Sapo product is perfect for the care of oiled leather and nubuck on shoes, boots and clothing. It is ideal as a renovator and the obvious choice for waterproofing oiled leather and nubuck. It revives the colours and nourishes oiled leather and nubuck, softening them, making them gentler to the touch and making them look like new. The application of this product protects the leather against bad weather and prevents accidental stains.

How to use : first clean the leather by brushing lightly. Spray from a distance of about 25 cm, moistening the material without soaking it and allow to dry without rubbing.

Precautions : On certain leathers, the colour may be darkened slightly. Sapo advise you to make a test spraying on a small area to assess the change of colour.

Remember that though the use of a leather waterproofing product is essential for good leather care, it is not enough. A whole range of Sapo products is available for nourishing leather and moisturising leather.