Advices - Leather care in your car


How to clean, restore or care for the leather in your car.

Did you know that it is essential to clean the leather regularly, even if it is in good condition?

Take care, you should only use branded products from a maker of leather care products such as Sapo.

Why choose Sapo? Because Sapo products are designed and formulated to make caring for your car upholstery easier.

Three essential products by Sapo, to care for the leather in your car:

– Sapo saddle soap. A glycerine-based spray, ideal for cleaning leather effectively.

– Sapo nutritive leather cream, a real beauty cream,

– Sapo multi-leather conditioner

The Sapo way to care for the leather in your car.

First, dust the leather with a damp cloth. Then spray on SAPO glycerine saddle soap. Spread the Sapo saddle soap with a cloth or damp sponge.

The Sapo hint: For better leather care rub the saddle soap in with a circular movement.

All about Sapo saddle soap

Sapo glycerine-based saddle soap was designed by Sapo for:

cleaning leather

– softening leather

moisturising leather

nourishing leather.

If it is difficult to rid the leather of a persistent stain, repeat several applications of Sapo saddle soap.

The Sapo hint: let the leather dry and then polish with a clean, soft cloth.

You should nourish the leather of your car seats with Sapo products every six months.

If you want to keep your seats in excellent condition for as long as possible, Sapo recommends you care for the leather of your car twice a year.

How? By applying a nutritive leather cream such as SAPO Prestige leather beauty cream or Sapo multi-leather conditioner.

Are nutritive leather cream and Sapo multi-leather conditioner suitable for all types of leather? These Sapo products have been specially designed to care for leather whether it is smooth, fine, flexible, or full grain.

What is the special feature of SAPO Prestige nutritive cream for leather?

This creamy, colourless leather care product contains Carnauba wax which nourishes the leather in depth. If you take a regular care of your car leather, it will be permanently protected against accidental stains.

The Sapo hint: apply the SAPO Prestige nutritive leather cream or the Sapo multi-leather conditioner with a soft, clean cloth. Let it dry for a few minutes and then polish.

Is it possible to restore old leather car seats that have been neglected?

Cleaning leather that has been poorly maintained may be particularly difficult, because it often becomes very dry, weathered and hard… SAPO recommends the following method:

To improve the effectiveness of Sapo products, start by dusting thoroughly.

Before cleaning the leather with Sapo products, you should start by softening the leather with SAPO neat’s foot quality oil. You will need to apply this several times at three-day intervals for the leather to. Then begin cleaning the leather with SAPO glycerine saddle soap. Use a soft brush or a sponge. SAPO glycerine saddle soap is specially intended for cleaning leather. If the result is not perfect, SAPO advise you to make several applications. Let the leather dry and then polish with a clean, soft cloth.

Next, it is important to nourish the leather with SAPO Nutritive Cream, spacing the applications over several days.

Using Sapo soap and cream for leather, your leather will regain all its original flexibility and beauty. It has long-term protection. Sapo advises you to care for the leather of your car regularly.