Advices - Caring for Leather

Leather care in the world of riding

Caring for new leather: Horse tack – leather saddles, bridles, harness, boots, saddlery and accessories.

New leather needs to be treated with an appropriate leather care product several times before first use, to make it supple and comfortable for both horse and rider.

SAPO’s neat’s foot quality oil is a 100% vegetable and biodegradable natural oil.

This Sapo leather care product is particularly recommended for feeding new leather. The oil is applied with a soft clean brush directly from the bottle. The oil is also available in aerosol form, easy to spray on and apply.

Let the oil seep in and when it is completely absorbed, Sapo advises you to repeat the operation several times (up to a maximum of four) until you obtain the flexibility and colour desired.

For everyday leather care, you can apply SAPO glycerine saddle soap with a damp sponge.

Remember that neat’s foot quality oil tends to darken the colour of light leathers. Once you have obtained the colour that you want, SAPO advises you to switch to a cream containing wax, a leather nourishing cream such as SAPO Prestige leather beauty cream.

Keeping leather in good condition: Horse tack – saddle, bridle, reins, snaffles, harness, and leather accessories

After each ride, the leather must be cleaned with clean water and a sponge to remove all traces of sand, mud, dust or sweat. Rinse the sponge, squeeze it out and soap it generously with SAPO glycerine saddle soap. You can choose between the solid soap and the liquid spray. Apply the soap, rubbing it well into the leather. The leather needs a thorough cleaning every month.

After having cleaned the leather, it needs to be fed by an application of SAPO leather grease or SAPO Prestige leather beauty cream.

Caring for old leather: dry, hard, or even mouldy leather that has not been maintained for a very long time.

If the leather is dirty, first clean the leather by soaking it in warm water for 20 seconds. To clean extremely dirty leather, it is possible to wash it by soaking in warm water to which SAPO special leather detergent has been added.

Hang the leather up, and rub it with a rag or a sponge to remove the dirt. When the leather is clean, apply of the SAPO neat’s foot quality oil uniformly with a brush or a spray without excess.

SAPO recommend you store the leather in a dry place for twenty-four hours and then check that it is flexible. If it is stiff and creaks when bent, apply another light coat of SAPO neat’s foot quality oil. When you have obtained the required flexibility, apply SAPO leather nutritive cream or a SAPO multi-leather conditioner.

Leather care is absolutely essential in the horse world, both for obvious aesthetic raisons and to preserve what may be a major financial investment.

If you expect your leather to remain in good condition, regular leather care is essential. Sapo advise you to care for your leather preferably once a week, and at least once a month.

SaAPO products guarantee the longevity of your horse tack and the comfort of your horse, as well as your own safety.