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Discover our products for caring for leather, cleaning and disinfecting leather, polishing and renovating it.

Why propose Sapo to your customers?

Because for you, as for us, satisfying your clients is a priority and retaining their trust is essential.

Over the years, Sapo products have acquired a very loyal clientele. The quality of our products and their very attractive price mean we can respond effectively to their demands.

Sapo offers a full range of products, to meet all your customers’ requirements.

Are your customers looking for a product to care for or clean leather? Do they need an effective solution to nourish or moisturise leather? Sapo always has a lotion, a grease, a nutritional cream or a leather soap to solve their problem.

Being able to meet the needs of the largest number…

Our detailed knowledge of leather means we can develop products suited to all types of leather. Whether for maintaining car seats, caring for a leather settee or simply maintaining a leather jacket, we have a formula to suit every occasion.

… and the horse world in particular.

Sapo also has more specialised products designed for horsemen and woman. Do you have customers with a specific interest in horses? Then Sapo is the ideal brand.
Our range of Sapo products covers everything from riding tack to horses’ hooves.

Sapo can also solve your waterproofing needs.

Do your customers need to protect their fabrics or leather from water? Offer them a Sapo fabric waterproofer or a leather waterproofer. These Sapo products come in various forms, and you will surely find the one to meet their precise needs.

Sapo is more than a trademark, it is excellence in the service of your leather.