Green Ointment

Green ointment SAPO nourishes and softens the horn. The SAPO green ointment with laurel oil, gives back the horn its suppleness and increases the shine on the hoof. Contains cod liver oil which is rich in vitamin A, this stimulates the regrowth of the hoof. The pine tar which gives it the dark colour, preserves the hoof and stops it from decaying. The consistency of SAPO black ointment remains stable whatever the ambient temperature, which means that this product is easy to remove and apply in all seasons. Easy to use in “summer” as “winter”.

Directions for use

When the horn is dry and cracked, apply the ointment each day on a clean hoof with using a small brush until healed. Use regularly for best results. Apply the ointment always before the shower, the hoof must be clean and dry, water do not remains locked.
Apply the ointment: Once a day by dry weather.
Once each 2 days by wet weather.
Caution: external use only.


Pot 750 ml
Seau 4 litres