Hair Conditioner & Polish

Soft lotion which allows to untangle and smooth down horsehair of horses and ponies. The SAPO Hair Conditioner & Polish makes the coat, mane and tail a bright and shining effect. Allows that the mane and tail are easier to hair and plait. This lotion forms a protect thin layer which gives good protection against dust on mane and coat and notably the ones present in the litter ( peat, shaving wood, … ). Make easier comb and brushdown of the mane and tail and decrease cleaning time. This product is not greasy and have a pleasant fragrance. It is not necessary to wash the horse before and after the application of this lotion. The tail and mane lie correctly and remain tangle free.

Directions for use

Spray on coat, mane and tail. Spray at about 30 cm. To massage in the way of coat in order to well balance this lotion uniformly and in depth. Let act before untangle with a brush or comb. Can be used as well as on dry or wet horsehair..


Spray 500 ml