Expert maintenance and cleaning leather and riding equipment.


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The excellence and safety for the care of the hides, the horses and their hooves, the maintenance of the clothes and the equipments.
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SAPO Nutritive Cream

Discover SAPO Nutritive Cream, nourishes in depth, softens and regenerates the Saddlery leathers...
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Formula high definition with lanolin, avocado oil and beeswax, perfume honey, for a perfect maintenance of your leathers. Nourishes, softens and regenerates all types of leather articles. The product is particularly suited for smooth leather ( Saddles, bridles, harnesses, boots, …
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Discover our products for leather care, cleaning and disinfecting leather, polishing and renovating it.
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Who are we ?

At the Gallo-Roman era, soap was a foaming paste of goat fat and ashes cockle named Sapo.

It is therefore natural that centuries later Sapo has become the name of one of the brands of Leather Care Products the best-known …
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«You need to give the interior a good clean too :), especially the leather parts of the seats. You need to oil them well so they don’t split at the seams! I use glycerine soap to clean them and Sapo (stuff made for horses’ saddles) to “feed” them. The long-term result is great and these products don’t cost much compared with the piles of so-called specialist products they try to sell you.»

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«A hint if your shoes are too tight…

Try SAPO cream. You can usually find it in Decathlon or any big sports shop in the riding section. It’s generally used for maintaining and softening saddles. Paint a bit on with a brush, let it dry overnight, polish with kitchen paper in the morning and your tight shoes will feel as soft as slippers!»

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