Liquid Glycerine Soap

Specially elaborated for the maintenance, make supple, soften and protect the Saddlery leathers: saddles, harness, bridles, girth, snaffles, gloves, boots, clothes, handbags, furniture, ….
SAPO liquid glycerine soap contains glycerine, fatty acids and soap, which are ideal engredients for the care and maintenance of leather articles. This product is very easy and handy use. Its better to clean riding leathers after each use. Do not use on suede.

Examples for use

* Riding: Saddles, bridles, harnesses, shoes, boots, gloves etc.
* Car and Motorcycle: Leather seats, motorcycle gloves and leathers etc…
* Furniture and Clothes: Leather chairs, furniture, clothes, handbags etc.

Directions for use

Shake well before use. Spray the surface to be cleaned, scrubbing with a clean cloth. Let it dry and then use SAPO product in cream or basalm.


Flacon 300 ml,Flacon 500 ml, Spray 500 ml, Jerrican 5 litres