Waterproofing 2 in 1 / Which Breathes

This revolutionary product is efficient on fabric as well as leather and especially designed for articles that have a waterproof and breathing membrane. It waterproofs leather, goretex and dry fabric clothing. It offers protection against water and fat substances, thus avoiding accidental stains. Its water-resistant effect persists for a long time. It doesn’t change the aspect and feel of the leather, the goretex and the treated fabrics. It doesn’t modify the penetrating qualities of leather and fabrics with a breathing lining.

Directions for use

Spray at a distance of approximately 25 cm on the material to be treated. Lightly moisten the material with the product and let dry. Caution: It is advised to verify the colour fastness of the item by carrying out a test on a discrete spot.


Aérosol 250 ml

Dangerous – Respect the précautions of use.

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