Who are we ?


In the time of the ancient Gauls, soap was a foaming paste based on goat fat and the ashes of the soapwort named Sapo. It is therefore no surprise that centuries later SAPO has become the name of one of the best-known brands of leather care products. SAPO is a legendary brand, famous for the exceptional quality of its formulae. SAPO acts as a benchmark for the very high quality of its leather care products. With its skills honed over the years, the SAPO brand has pride of place in the equestrian world and among all leather-working and leather care trades.

When, nearly ten years ago, SAPO the leather care specialist met a manufacturing group specialising in the creation of care products, SAPO decided to opt for innovation in the pursuit of quality.

In collaboration with a innovatory Research & Development laboratory, SAPO has been able to develop leather care products ever more suited to its customers’ needs. The principle behind SAPO products is to respect the environment and to comply with all the regulations in force.

SAPO is a brand of the company ARMISTOL-SAPO, located in Saint-Cyr-la-Rosière, in an area known as “Le Perche” in the Orne department of Normandy. This company not only makes products for leather care, but also specialises in the distribution, wholesaling and retailing of leather care products. SAPO also specialises in equine care and health products, in waterproofing fabrics, leather, waxed garments and products for maintaining tack.

Today, ARMISTOL-SAPO offers a large range of products under the SAPO label:

• Care and leather care.
Glycerine saddle soap, nourishing cream, cream for leather, neat’s-foot quality oil, oil stain for black leathers and detergent.

• Hoof care and horse care products.
Ointments, foot oil, vaseline, Norway tar, insect repellent, mane and tail conditioner.

• Products for the care of horse tack.
Cleaner for helmets and riding hats, hair clipper oil, care products for rubber boots and synthetics.

• Waterproofing Products. 
Waterproofing fabrics, waterproofing leather, waterproofing mixed-fabric horse blankets, saddlecloths, waterproofing waxed garments, waterproofing oiled leather and nubucks.